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Clinic Marbella - Pierre Albrecht

2 reviews
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➤ Clinic Marbella - Pierre Albrecht ➤ Malaga, Spain ☺ 2 reviews $ Prices for treatments and diagnostics ✆ Make an appointment +74954812786​
Main branches:
Plastic surgery
Clinic Marbella under the leadership of a brilliant surgeon Pierre Albrecht ranks among the best hospitals in the world involved in plastic surgery. Among the center's patients, a lot of celebrities, due to high professionalism, individual approach and the most modern equipment.

Diagnostics and treatment prices

Plastic surgery
200$ - 2500$
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1000$ - 4000$
Price request
1700$ - 5000$
Labioplasty (plasticity of the labia majora and labia minora)
Price request
250$ - 11500$
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3500$ - 7000$
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from 300$
Skype consultation
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from 300$
Second Opinion (Second medical opinion)
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1800$ - 2700$
Reconstructive Plastic Surgery
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Clinic Marbella - Pierre Albrecht ➤ Clinic Marbella - Pierre Albrecht, ➤ Malaga, Spain, ☺ 2 reviews, $ Prices for treatments and diagnostics, ✆ Make an appointment: +74954812786​
200 11500 USD
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Doctor  Pier Albrekht Pier Albrekht

The founder of the "Marbella" hospital, plastic surgeon of world renown.

About Clinic Marbella - Pierre Albrecht

Clinic Marbella, founded over 10 years ago, is located in Malaga close to the coast. Her specialty — plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine, and the quality of services and the level of technical equipment of the centre, Dr. Pierre Albrecht is among the 5 most influential in Europe.

"Marbella" patients from any country available all the latest beauty technologies — high-quality plastic surgery, aesthetic medicine, therapeutic cosmetology. Great attention is paid to laser procedures-hair removal, treatment of varicose veins, removal of pigmentation, correction of scars and striae. All manipulations are carried out through innovative Candela alexandrite laser technology Cool Touch, reducing the temperature of the beam and eliminates any discomfort of the patient.

qualifications of the founder of the clinic allows us to solve the aesthetic problems of any complexity. Dr. Pierre Albrecht personally selects experts in the team of Marbella, among them — the doctors with the highest qualifications, experience, international practice and substantive knowledge on current and best practices of improving the appearance.

Clinic reviews
I'm an optimist by nature, so up to 25 years continued to hope that my Breasts will grow more. And when I realized that the miracle does not come by itself, it needs to step up, applied to the Block. Chose Spain, because it has not been in this country long dreamed of. The operation was done, Dr. Pierre Albrecht – very pleasant, confident, and it's clear – he's in the clinic "celebrity" doctor. And I don't want another one! Clearly, without any frills, he made of my 1st +3rd. And form I really like. In General, everything is magnífico!
I, of course, not everything went smoothly. In the clinic assured that the result of the blepharoplasty will be great. Got home, already a month has passed and no improvement see the roundness of the eyes disappeared, the swelling did not pass the selection, and most importantly – the lower eyelids are loose. Had to call the clinic and consult with a doctor through an interpreter. In General, he calmed me a bit. Now another week has passed, you see, already there is an improvement. I think the doctor is right, you just have to wait.
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