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Neolife medical center Istanbul

➤ Neolife medical center Istanbul ➤ Istanbul, Turkey ☺ 6 reviews $ Prices for treatments and diagnostics ✆ Make an appointment +7 499 348 2738
The Neolife medical center specialization is cancer treatment helping patients for over 25 years. In the regular practice of the center for the use of programs of psychological support of patients and their loved ones.
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Neolife medical center Istanbul - Turkey
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English speaking staff
Best doctors in selected clinic
Doctor  Ufuk Abachioglu Ufuk Abachioglu
Director of Oncology Department, specializes in the treatment of cancer and radiation therapy.
Doctor  Nesrin Aslan Nesrin Aslan
He specializes in nuclear medicine.
Doctor  Alptekin Arifoglu Alptekin Arifoglu
He specializes in the treatment of cancer, radiation therapy, tumors of the gastrointestinal tract and lungs.
About clinic Neolife medical center Istanbul

Istanbul medical center Neolife has more than 25 years specializing on the treatment of all types of cancer. Here are self development of therapeutic schemes for each individual patient, taking into account peculiarities of his organism, localization and size of the tumor, as well as other important diagnostic criteria.

To study the histories of incoming patients and select the most effective treatment methods in the blade Neolife gather daily interdisciplinary advice involving the best of the Istanbul doctors of different specialties. This approach allows the hospital staff to achieve outstanding results, relieve patients from the symptoms of cancer even in the later stages.

the survey of cancer patients doctors center Neolife apply such diagnostic methods, such as:

  • PET/CT
  • the
  • scintigraphy,
  • the
  • tomosynthesis,
  • the
  • MRI, ultrasound, CT
  • the
  • interventional radiology etc.

the Pride of the medical facilities is the installation of the TrueBeam. It combines the advantages of both gamma and cyber knife. TrueBeam allows you to remove a brain tumor and internal organs with sensitivity to the millimeter, which prevents damage to healthy adjacent structures. Today, TrueBeam there are only a few medical centers in the world.

Clinic reviews
Seen here from the good doctor-oncologist Alptekin Arifoglu. We communicated in English. He determined from analyses of the initial stage of stomach cancer and was able to stop its development. Before that I was in a lot of pain, but my doctor in Russia, everything is blamed on banal gastritis. Thank you Dr. for your help, and the medical center Neolife, I wish prosperity and success!
My parents have a business in Turkey, they own a couple of Russian goods stores for those living in Istanbul Russians, so I live on the debt abroad. Treated abroad is certainly more expensive, than in Russia, but if something serious, then it's worth it. Mother recently gave childbirth to my brother at the medical center Neolife, however the difference we have with him almost 20 years out. The mother was observed where the Russian-speaking obstetrician-gynecologist and the only positive about it responded. And childchildbirth is very easily passed!
Live in Istanbul already for the 3rd year, married here, for a local resident. Here just recently we were lucky to be surveyed in Neolife medical center Istanbul mother of the husband. She recently was a strong constipation. And here the ultrasound showed that she had multiple tumors in the rectum. Was treated by her doctor Abacioglu. The worst is now behind you!
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