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General information

The rheumatology is engaged in diagnostics and treatment of diseases of connecting fabric which often call system. It is connected with the fact that connecting fabric is present at many systems of bodies therefore its pathology is shown multisistemno. Most often at rheumatologic diseases joints and vessels suffer.

Features of rheumatology in abroad

For a rubezhomrevmatologiya achieved considerable success that is in many respects connected with high-quality diagnostics. System diseases can proceed behind a mask of other diseases, reveal them happens not easy. At the same time, than the diagnosis is made earlier, especially treatment will be effective.

Therapy of rheumatologic diseases is abroad carried out with use of modern medicines which combine high efficiency and a minimum of side effects. Tactics of treatment comes down to prevention of progressing and exacerbations of diseases as mainly they have chronic character.

Advantages of medical treatment abroad

Today the percent of achievement of remission of rheumatologic diseases in clinics abroad exceeds 90%. At the same time methods of conservative therapy, in rare instances - low-invasive interventions are mainly used.

You can call to +7 499 348 2738 or The medical consultant will tell about all aspects of treatment in Germany.
Ребенок 11 лет получил стабильный компрессионный перелом одного позвонка в поясничном отделе во время занятий по боевому самбо. Очень боялись за него, сможет ли ходить! Не думали, что детские спортивные занятия могут привести к такому....Стали...
Марина, 38 years
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Clinic Max Grundig
Quality medicine, personal care, good service - all this combined with the Max Grundig. The clinic offers preventive medicine, treatment of existing problems and rehabilitation.
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+7 499 348 2738 (free)
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Doctor  Rakph Goldshmidt Rakph Goldshmidt

A highly qualified nephrologist and rheumatologist, specializes in the treatment of major diseases of the kidneys and diseases of the musculoskeletal system. The head of Department of Nephrology and Rheumatology.

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