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Clinic of traditional medicine. Is specializing on patient care with the use of advanced diagnostic technologies and therapeutic methods.
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Alfried Krupp Hospital in Essen-Ruettenscheid  - Germany
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Best doctors in selected clinic
Doctor  Marko Niderteman Marko Niderteman
A prominent surgeon, specializes in providing a wide range of surgical services - from simple to complex treatment of oncological operations.
Doctor  Klaus Fridrikh Vashke Klaus Fridrikh Vashke
A A leading specialist anesthetist, head of the department of anesthesia, intensive care and pain therapy.
Doctor  Regine Getye Regine Getye
A A leading specialist-gynecologist, head of the department of gynecology and obstetrics
Doctor  Thomas Novak Thomas Novak
A highly qualified specialist in the field of vascular surgery, head of the department of vascular surgery.
Doctor  Vinfrid Khokhenkhorst Vinfrid Khokhenkhorst
An outstanding otolaryngologist, head of department of otolaryngology, head and neck cancer surgery. In addition to the core business specializes in plastic surgery, allergy, various speech, voice disorders.
About clinic Alfried Krupp Hospital in Essen-Ruettenscheid 

Clinic Alfred Krupp in Ruttenscheid is a hospital complex that consists of 12 centers. Was founded in 1870, has a rich history and today is a multidisciplinary centre of global significance. The clinic adheres to traditional methods of treatment of patients, but uses proven and tested the latest medical advances.

The clinic Alfred Krupp in Ruttenscheid have experienced talented doctors. Department of obstetrics and gynaecology is headed by Professor Regina Gathe, Department of Nephrology is headed by a Professor Groats, neurological Department in charge of renowned scientist Peter Berlit.

the specialists of the clinic Alfred Krupp, Ruttenscheid have available the latest equipment for diagnosis and treatment. In the Department of neurosurgery is the equipment for neuronavigation, fluorescence microscopy, and stereotactic surgery. Other surgical Department is also equipped with expensive high-precision equipment.

Clinic Alfred Krupp inRuttenscheid is a synthesis of centuries-old traditions and latest achievements. This allows for effective treatment without undue risk to the health of the patient.

Clinic reviews
I did multiple transactions, but they did not help! Diagnosis - sebaceous cyst or boils appear with frequency 1 - 2 times per month in the lower abdomen. Consulted many doctors but result is zero. In desperation wrote to the Manager on the portal and she found me a multidisciplinary clinic Alfred Krupp, Ruttenscheid in Germany. I helped to get the Schengen area in a short time and I grabbed the next flight. The curator met us at the airport. I was examined in full and in result, it was revealed that I had a strong failure in the immune system, therefore, was formed a problem. Will stay here until full recovery.
My wife had a lump in her breast, afraid that it could be cancer. Plus the lymph nodes was increased. Went to relatives in Essen (Germany) and there have been screened have an excellent doctor Andreas Kozyrovska from the clinic, the Alfred Krupp Ruttenscheid. He has conducted a number of tests, but in the end, the diagnosis was not confirmed. It was just as relieved, because we were expecting the worst! Thank you, doctor!
I removed 2 of atheroma in the leg. One on the joint of the ankle, the second knee. The operation lasted 3 hours, very difficult it was. After the operation there was a feeling that did not disappear, although the doctors said that everything is fine with me. After a month all remained. In General, I decided to go to a normal surgeon, not only to our "big minds"! Through the portal I set up a meeting with Marco Nigerrima from the Clinic, the Alfred Krupp Ruttenscheid. He carefully examined the site of the surgery and found a lot of shortcomings in the made intervention. Now I had the second operation and already feel much better! Thank you.
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