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Hospital Burger hospital in Frankfurt-on-main - is a multidisciplinary clinic specializing in the treatment of diseases of internal organs. The hospital employs some of the best in Germany, gastroenterologists, pulmonology, endocrinologists, gynecologists, cardiologists.
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Burger hospital is a multidisciplinary medical centre specializing in the treatment of injuries and diseases of the internal organs. The school has a prestigious KTQ certificate, which authority is considered as all the leading clinics of the world.

Admission to the hospital are experienced and highly qualified professionals — pulmonologists, gastroenterologists, endocrinologists, cardiologists, gynecologists. They regularly undergo training in popular medical institutions of Europe. Each patient of Dr. Burger's hospital carry out an individual approach; to work they use only the most modern methods of treatment and innovative equipment which guarantee a quick recovery. 

Clinic has devices for performing minimally invasive surgeries, computer video navigation, so even complex surgical treatment specialists of the burgher hospital, performed through tiny punctures.

Inpatient unit of a medical center equipped with everything needed for long stay patients. The wards created a home environment. Patients are offered nutrition. On the territory of the hospital is area.

Clinic reviews
Heart problems I had still I was 45 years old. All of this had to do with the nervous work and life in the far North: the lack of vitamins, low sleep, and a sedentary lifestyle also affected the heart. I had coronary artery bypass grafting, but such a complex surgery was performed only 4 specialist at us in the country, but it is very expensive! So I started to look for a clinic abroad. Found a great specialist of the Burger hospital. Went for tests and after it I was assigned the date of the transaction. Now I am recovering and it is recovering.
I'm a lover of winter fishing and every year my friends and I went to Karelia for a great catch, but I certainly never imagined that it could lead to serious illness, because the last time I didn't bring enough warm clothing and suffered severe hypothermia. As a result, this led to an inflammatory process, but I endured because I thought it will go away. When I finally went to the doctor, I put a disappointing diagnosis - prostate. Spoke to several specialists, but there was no improvement. Then decided to engage foreign experts to the clinic of Burger hospital. After a Skype consultation, flew to Germany. Now the acute phase is behind us, but the treatment is still not finished. The doctor says that you need to watch!
When I was taken to the hospital with sharp stomach pain, I thought that it's either appendicitis or gastritis. But when I had an ultrasound, they found multiple stones in the gallbladder. The doctor set a date for surgery to remove the gallbladder, but I rebelled! Consulted with physician of the burgher hospital, told him about the details and showed the ultrasound on Skype, and he said that deletion is an extreme case, you can still try to remove stones without resorting to the removal of the bile. Now I'm in Frankfurt (Germany) to the doctor. After repeated tests, the doctor confirmed that the removal will not do. Very time that decided to be treated here!
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