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Clinic of Dortmund is the most famous clinic in Germany and abroad, opened in 1958 and has a high reputation among patients and physicians, based on scientific and practical experience of its professionals. Accepts: 200 000 patients annually, the clinic employs 4,000 employees.
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Clinic Dortmund - Germany
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About clinic Clinic Dortmund

Clinic of Dortmund — the largest medical facility in the West of Germany. Administratively, it brings together 15 med school, 24 centre and 4 Institute. According to statistics, every year, the clinic Dortmund seek medical help more than 200 thousand patients. A quarter of them are undergoing treatment in well equipped hospital.

Specialists of the hospital Dortmund have an individual analysis of each clinical case. When carrying out diagnostic procedures use the latest ultrasound machines computer and magnetic resonance tomography. To detect abnormalities of the cardiovascular system, cardiac arrhythmias using high-precision method of Holter monitoring.

Treatment of patients in critical condition, the doctors of the clinic of Dortmund is carried out in the intensive care unit where all the necessary conditions for a speedy recovery, from beds round the clock skilled nurses.

For individuals with diabetes in the hospital of Dortmund developed individual therapeutic scheme that guarantees the elimination of symptoms of the disease even in its late stages.

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