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The medical complex offers a wide range of medical services. Is an academic teaching hospital of University Duisburg-Essen.
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Clinic Duisburg - Germany
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Best doctors in selected clinic
Doctor  Mark Linert Mark Linert
A skilled surgeon, head of the Department of General, Visceral and Thoracic Surgery.
Doctor  Katya Pivit Katya Pivit
She specializes in reconstructive and aesthetic surgery of the breast and face.
Doctor  Christian Ryulander Christian Ryulander
A A leading specialist surgeon, head of department of orthopedics and traumatology.
Doctor  Torsten Rozenbaum Torsten Rozenbaum
He specializes in treating children with acute and chronic illnesses from birth to 18 years.
Doctor  Martin Sholts Martin Sholts
A talented neurosurgeon, head of neurosurgery department.
About clinic Clinic Duisburg

Duisburg Clinic consists of 16 departments, 82 which annually take thousands of patients, including 22 thousand stationary. For patients prepared 675 comfortable seats. Special specialization: neonatology and Neuroradiology. An excellent reputation has earned the neurosurgical Department, which doctors annually 2000 operations.

the Doctors clinic Duisburg devote a lot of time to research and develop new ways to diagnose diseases at an early stage and treatment. Work here is magnificent, highly specialized professionals, including Professor Martin Scholz. Great doctor removes a brain tumor, Central nervous system, backbone and spinal canal using microsurgery.

Operating rooms Duisburg clinic is equipped with innovative technology that allows you to apply for the treatment of radiation "seeds", methods, microsurgery, laparoscopy, visualization and computer monitoring.

the specialists of the clinic in Duisburg save the lives of patients in other hospitals recognized inoperable. Innovative technology, unique equipment, a bold approach and talent of the doctors do this clinic one of the best in Germany.

Clinic reviews
I chose this clinic because of a consummate technician, which can be counted on the fingers today, Martin Scholz. Diagnosis - desmoplastic melanoma. Now I feel well and happy that all went well. I chose this clinic, because I read a lot of information about this doctor and about his scientific work. Hired a translator who accompanied me on the spot. The hospital was relatively large, although I thought it would be much less. And the chamber was thoroughly equipped and quite comfortable. No complaints at this medical center.
Doing surgery on the cheeks of Katie's Pivit from the Clinic in Duisburg. She is very responsive and supportive to his doctor. Immediately I liked her and she has a huge experience in such operations, therefore, and went to her. Found her through the portal the Docklands, where the Manager of a dozen proposed clinics, advised to pay attention to this, because of this doctor. Then I about it read the reviews and 99% of them - thank-you! And I also put Kate +1.
I was scheduled for surgery when calcining tendinoses. I was very worried that she will be unsuccessful and then the arm just hangs like a rag (I exaggerate). In General, asked my parents for money for the operation abroad, when I told them the problem. They do I found a good Clinic in Duisburg. The doctor satisfied me, although at first trust I have not caused. As they say, first impression is deceptive. Now I'm prepped for surgery and I'm really worrying because I'm only 28. Hope all goes well!
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