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Luisenhospital is one of the most modern clinical complexes in Europe. There are medical specialists providing services in various fields of medicine, conducted thousands of operations, including the rare techniques and technologies.
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Clinic Luisenhospital - Germany
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Best doctors in selected clinic
Doctor  Wolfram Reeker Wolfram Reeker
A A leading specialist anesthetist, head of the department of anesthesiology and intensive care.
Doctor  Raynkhard Kasperk Raynkhard Kasperk
A highly skilled surgeon, specialist abdominal surgery, heads the Department of Surgery.
Doctor  Fridyof Trommer Fridyof Trommer
A prominent surgeon performs operations for the conservation and restoration of organs, tissues, bones, damaged during the accident.
Doctor  German Vasmut German Vasmut
A A leading specialist oncologist, head of the department of internal medicine: gastroenterology, diabetology, cardiology, pneumology, oncology.
Doctor  Ylrikh Radtke Ylrikh Radtke
A prominent surgeon, holds a unique operation in key areas of the vascular system by narrowing and aortic aneurysm and arterial narrowing of the carotid arteries, varicose veins.
About clinic Clinic Luisenhospital

Luisenhospital Clinic is a multidisciplinary medical center, which includes 18 hospitals. Hospital was founded in 1867, but, despite its long history, the complex remains cutting edge. It hosts national and international medical conferences and congresses. The clinic's specialists are respected in the international medical community.

Clinic Luisenhospital gathered within its walls great professionals of different profiles. Here accepts patients brilliant surgeon Professor Child, as well as a talented radiologist Professor Scherer, a great phlebologist Dr. Radtke and many others.

Clinic Luisenhospital equipped with special equipment that allows for organ-sparing, minimally invasive, endoscopic and laparoscopic surgery. Radiology is equipped with modern equipment, which allows conducting the most sparing cancer treatment.

Luisenhospital Clinic is a multidisciplinary hospital, equipped in accordance with international standards. Cosy, comfortable house and helpful nurses do the treatment at the clinic pleasant and comfortable.

Clinic reviews
Thank you very much my doctor Fridjof Trommer (Clinic Luisenhospital, Germany), for saving his leg, which was badly damaged in the accident. He quickly responded and after a rather lengthy operation, my leg is failed again, in simple language speaking, to assemble like a puzzle. It was very much nip and bones been shattered. Now I'm getting around on crutches, but this time, as the doctor said.
Stones in the gallbladder is a problem! Suffer from this diagnosis for 3 years. Sat on the celery soup, so surgery to remove the bladder was postponed, as we managed to split 2 large stone. Heard from one of the competent doctor that one cent in Germany can remove small stones and thereby retain the bladder without a reception. I made inquiries and found out that it's all true and such operations do in the Clinic Luisenhospital. Through the Manager portal the Docklands, I was able to enroll in this clinic in December of this year, for the operation. I'm fully ready for it!
I removed part of the nail of the big toe. After that, as the doctor said smeared with green paint, but the redness remained. When I came for an appointment in two weeks, the doctor said I have infection and need to amputate the finger. I didn't mean to! Searched on a forum, how can I save my finger and saw accidentally flipping through the pages of history of one of the girl was operated on in the Clinic Luisenhospital with the same case as me! I immediately signed up for a consultation with a doctor, the good spoke German. Time is not waited and after two days I was in Germany at a reception at Dr. Reinhard Kasperk. He held an unscheduled surgery and cleared me to fester in my finger. And then with some miracle ointment, my finger survived, but after 3 weeks! Thank you!
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