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Private orthopedic clinic Artpark, located in Cologne is one of the best medical centers not only for quality service but also quality of patient care. Highly qualified specialists in Orthopaedics, arthroplasty, traumatology and surgery using modern equipment and latest treatment techniques with accuracy define the correct diagnosis and proper treatment program/recovery.
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Clinic ORTHOPARC - Germany
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About clinic Clinic ORTHOPARC

ORTHOPARC Orthopaedic clinic in Cologne specializing on:

  • knee and hip joints
  • the
  • surgical treatment of diseases of ankle and foot
  • the
  • sports medicine
  • the
  • surgery, back, hand, shoulder and spine.
Clinic reviews
We arrived in Cologne with the hope for recovery of his daughter. 10 years our child lived with a rare diagnosis of congenital paralysis of the brachial plexus. Like both hands, but really only one. Most of all we impressed that the operation was just three hours (cut, turn, bones, fixing), and two days later we began to gather home. Now learning to use my left hand. Happiness has no limits! As it turns out, everything just...
Get examined at a Clinic ORTHOPARC about the effects of old sports injuries, for 2 months. since he came back. The diagnosis, treatment assigned, is already helping. Under the impression and from the clinic (after all, Germans have done), and Cologne is a very beautiful city. Special thanks to the Docklands for the fact that the amount initially claimed, coincided with the final after all procedures.
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