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Clinic Werner Vickery

➤ Clinic Werner Vickery ➤ Bad Wildungen, Germany ☺ 3 reviews $ Prices for treatments and diagnostics ✆ Make an appointment +7 499 348 2738
Main branches:
Orthopedics , Traumatology
The clinic offers a huge range of surgical and conservative treatment of the spine, ranging from a special therapy against back pain to complex reconstruction of deformed or incorrect spine.
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Clinic Werner Vickery - Germany
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English speaking staff
Best doctors in selected clinic
Doctor  Oliver Mayer Oliver Mayer
Qualified orthopedics and traumatology, headed by Department of scoliosis and spine surgery.
About clinic Clinic Werner Vickery

In 1987, the clinic was established Werner Vickery. A small private clinic gradually evolved into the largest center. Today here spend not less than 1500 spine operations – more than in any other European hospital. Here spend the successful treatment of all trauma and spine through innovative and conservative methods.

the Clinic Werner Vickery heads a top-notch surgeon and podiatrist Oliver Mayer is the author of over 30 scientific articles. Clinic for spinal cord injuries leads doctor Maners, neuro-urology, Dr. Domurat.

the clinic Werner Vickery presents all equipment necessary for laboratory studies and diagnostics of diseases. Available MRI, radiological diagnostics, computer tomography, angiography and neurophysiologic examination. Operating rooms equipped with the latest highly sensitive instrument for effective and gentle procedures.

the Clinic Werner Vickery is the best health center of the spine not only in Germany but also Europe. Professionals miracles, correcting congenital and acquired pathology of the spine.

Clinic reviews
My son 7 years old had a sore knee. It all started in the morning, he couldn't get out of bed, and when I got up, it was terrible cutting pains. Passed the tests: urine, blood, and biochemistry. As a result, the doctor said that we have reactive arthritis. My husband decided not to postpone the issue indefinitely and to begin immediate treatment. Asked the colleagues at work, his brother is a podiatrist with a great experience of where to be treated and that, calling the couple, pointed and Clinic Werner Vickery, but said that there are always many willing to undergo treatment and possibly of places will not. But contacting the clinic and talking with the doctor, we were offered a good option for treatment with a reasonable price. We immediately agreed! Now came to the clinic and have already passed the tests. Son liked it, although he doesn't like hospitals and doctor have good.
I have in the past actively been involved in sports, but half a year ago I became concerned about the knees. Couldn't squat, so as to stand without pain was impossible. Went to the doctor and he gave me the diagnosis after all tests taken - Fermo dysplasia-patellar joints of both knee joints. This required serious treatment, otherwise the consequences would be disastrous. When looking for articles about this problem on the Internet, came to the site and wrote online Manager, just for fun. Never thought back then that I would go to Germany to be treated. But the girl offered me the right price and place - the Clinic Werner Vickery. I have issued all the documents, hired a personal curator of the treatment and sent in bad Wildungen. Everything bothered, so my nerves were calm. Now I am on treatment for a month and there are already the first signs. Very happy that I'm here.
Got injured in training for hand-to-hand combat. There was intense and constant sharp pain in the spine. Did MRI, showed herniated vertebrae L4-5 and L5-S1. After several doctor visits, and failed to achieve any specific treatment or to the prescription of effective painkillers. Well, that friend's dad is a doctor, he recommended to apply to a good specialist Clinic Vickery Werner in Germany and said you would arrange a refund. In the end, everything went as it should and I'm going to fly in a few days at the clinic. While painkillers. Hope for a speedy recovery!
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