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University hospital Erlangen (Universitätsklinikum Erlangen) - a major medical center, bringing together 24 of the clinic. Cancer center Erlangen-Nuremberg is one of the ten best German tumor centers for research and treatment of cancer. The clinic has two main research areas: Oncology and robotics. As in the Berlin Charite clinic, ultra-precise manipulators are used here for operations minimally invasive surgery
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Erlangen University hospital - Germany
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History of the University of clinics "English" began almost two centuries ago — in 1824, and today it is the largest healthcare facility not only in Germany but throughout Europe. It brings together 24 highly specialized medical center, 6 institutes and 19 departments. 

At the University hospital "English" employs more than 7300 employees. More than 1000 of them — highly qualified doctors, professors, honorary doctors. The hospital center can accommodate 1,300 patients.

University hospital "English" is one of the most technologically advanced in Western Europe. Since 2012, it is actively used robotic equipment to successfully conduct operations with a high risk of complications. In situations where mandatory high-precision surgery when working with hard-to-reach parts of the body, doctors use a robot “Da Vinci”.

Also at the University hospital "English" apply the system of laser radiation, giving the opportunity to effectively treat a broad list of therapeutic diseases. Cancer center are treated with the help of radiochemotherapy. Also here is the reconstruction of damaged organs means flap.

Clinic reviews
Thank's to all the staff of the clinic Erlangen for humane treatment, for participation. And, of course, for the quality of treatment, although it is not yet finished for me. Knowing about my serious condition, were met at the airport with a stroller. For all time of the stay there gave me Vera, this a wonderful girl, my compatriot. In General, I'm hopeful. If at home I just wanted to survive, now I hope to keep the chest. And rightly so, as says the doctor.
The clinic Erlangen come for the third time. The first time I had surgery for cancer of the uterus. Then a long recovery, and 2 courses of chemotherapy. Only a 4th year, so still at least 4 times going to fly here. You can, of course, had to do chemotherapy at home, but I decided not to. I can say one thing – thanks to the help of Dr. Matthias bechmann I feel so much better!
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