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Evangelistic medical clinic Hubertus

3 reviews
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➤ Evangelistic medical clinic Hubertus ➤ Berlin, Germany ☺ 3 reviews $ Prices for treatments and diagnostics ✆ Make an appointment +74954812786​
The evangelistic medical clinic Hubertus - part of the complex of medical centers of the charité. Spetsializiruetsya treatment proctology, dermatology, Nephrology, Oncology, gastroenterology. Institution certified by the KTQ quality that allows you to monitor the quality of care and patient care systematically independent experts of the best clinics of Germany.
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Best doctors in selected clinic
Doctor  Wolf-Diter Lyudvig Wolf-Diter Lyudvig

Head of the Department of Hematology, Oncology and Tumor Immunology.

Doctor  Maynkhard Balensiphen Maynkhard Balensiphen

Head of the Department of replacement.

About Evangelistic medical clinic Hubertus

Evangelistic medical clinic Hubertus — one of the best honey. centers in Germany, included in the group of clinics charité. The institution has a KTQ certificate, so the activities of the experts constantly monitored by the independent German experts. 

every year in the Evangelistic honey. clinic Hubertus treatment 5 500 inpatient and 6,000 outpatient visits. The hospital center has 210 beds.

All the doctors — experienced and highly qualified professionals. Every year they organize on the basis of the research center Hubertus conference for experience sharing, which gathers more than 200 cardiologists from different countries of the world.

the Pride of the Evangelistic medical clinic Hubertus is the cardiology Department. Is used here and throughout the center, only the latest diagnostic and therapeutic equipment. To avoid postoperative complications, the doctors of the medical institution practice methods of minimally invasive surgery.

In the Evangelical hospital clinic created a comfortable environment for patients. Every patient is assigned a doctor, which tracks the dynamics of the recovery process.

Clinic reviews
I have always had excellent health and never ran to doctors. I was treated at home and went to the doctors very rarely. But when I seriously began to hurt the stomach, right up to the sparks from his eyes, I had to go to our city clinic. He waited in line and the doctor me 3 minutes probably on the strength of took. Prescribed me zantac and some other preparations, and said, if anything, to call an ambulance. I had to call because the treatment did not help! But in the hospital said I have an infection and just prescribed diet. In General, I slipped out and began to look normal institution. Just a friend from Berlin called and offered to be tested, they are in the city in the evangelistic medical clinic Hubertus. I'm hurried to take advantage of his offer. Now I'm successfully pass treatment.
Two years ago I have started to torment swelling, shortness of breath, shortness of breath, rapid heart rate, but I blamed on weight and age, everything has turned 55 years. But then at work I was taken away in an ambulance, as sharply grabbed in the chest and I couldn't breathe! Then just have a normal doctors from the evangelistic medical clinic Hubertus was able to establish that ischemic heart disease and start the right treatment! But what only I diagnoses did not put our "experts"!
When I was 15 years old I playing in the yard, fell from the turnstile directly on the stone cheek. Very was frightened and thank God then nothing serious happened, only a scar remained. The parents then nothing did, although I had a terrible complex! Then I applied to medical centers, but they're not removed completely this defect, unfortunately. So I began looking for other companies. Just read the article on the Internet about the evangelistic medical clinic Hubertus, there was a very experienced dermatologist. Now he's going through the procedure. Scar is almost gone!
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