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Academic hospital of the University of Marburg named Philip. Due to the wide range of treatment of diseases and modern medical equipment the clinic has a good reputation not only in Germany but also in Europe.
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Fortis Hospital Noida - Germany
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Best doctors in selected clinic
Doctor  Kristian Pilkan Kristian Pilkan
An outstanding orthopedic, head of department of orthopedics and traumatology.
Doctor  Karl-Raynkhold Brater Karl-Raynkhold Brater
He specializes in the implementation of many health functions and tasks, from simple to complex anesthesia anesthesia, pain therapy, intensive care and emergency medicine.
Doctor  Kham Mokhszen Kham Mokhszen
He specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of patients with vascular disease.
Doctor  Aggi Neymann-Shibener Aggi Neymann-Shibener
A A leading specialist pulmonologist, he specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of lung diseases.
Doctor  Ulf Yonas Ulf Yonas
Provides diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic diseases of internal organs.
About clinic Fortis Hospital Noida

The clinic "Asklepios bad Wildungen" has authority in Germany and in Europe. The structure of the hospital includes 10 offices. Clinic constantly introduces in practice the newest medical development that allows to increase the effectiveness of treatment. The hospital has excellent conditions for accommodation, entertainment and recreation of patients.

In the clinic "Asklepios bad Wildungen" to employ excellent professionals, constantly honing the skills and update knowledge. Here leads a practice podiatrist Christian Pelkan, phlebologist, Karl Mohnsen, therapist Ulf Jonas.

City clinic "Asklepios bad Wildungen" is equipped with excellent equipment, allowing for modern treatment and accurate diagnosis. Here the computer carry out neurophysiological tests, CT, EEG, dopplersonography, electromyography, rhinolaryngology. Operating prepared for surgical treatment of joints, urological and vascular, nephrologic, kardiologicheskij pathologies.

City clinic "Asklepios G. Bad Wildungen" – the hospital where the medical care is provided efficiently, quickly, following the European traditions.

Clinic reviews
I had before the surgery is rather straight and narrow nose, no bump, and wanted to slightly adjust the wings of the nose. Very afraid of interference and would only trust a good specialist who knows his business, and I've seen enough of how the stars do some rhinoplasty, and such horror did not want definitely! Read the story of rhinoplasty from the doctor Patrice Moubayed. I really liked the result and description of history. Decided to learn about the cost of operations in Urban Asklepios hospital and all I did in there. Now admiring in the mirror at work this doctor and very happy with the result!
Two months ago I was diagnosed with neuroma thoracic level Th9. Its size was rather big 23х19х27. That needed an operation, I already, and without words the doctor understood. The doctor said that turns me only two months to do it, and that fork will have. I thought, why not to undergo surgery abroad, because we still do not understand how in the end everything will. I learned about Dr. Lingard from the City Asklepios clinic in Germany. Consult with a doctor through an interpreter and went for treatment. After the surgery was hard, but I'm glad it's over and I recover.
I've been doing ballet since I was 10. To me now 26 and it seems I have now the peak of career, but at the last performance I landed badly due to poor support of a partner and I had a damaged meniscus of the knee. My husband was just stationed in Germany and me on the plane were taken to the City Asklepios hospital for surgery. I was operated on Christian Pelkan. A lot of good about him I can say - a great person with a good sense of humor, but also a professional with a capital letter. Operated on me somewhere around 2 hours and I am now undergoing rehabilitation in the same clinic. I hope to pursue a career!
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