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Medical center of Neuwerk offers to patients services in such fields of medicine as traumatology, gynecology, Pediatrics, surgery, orthopedics and rheumatology.
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Hospital Maria von den Aposteln - Germany
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Best doctors in selected clinic
Doctor  Dinko Berkovich Dinko Berkovich
A senior physician in gastroenterology and internal medicine, specializing in the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases, cardiovascular, respiratory and other internal medicine.
Doctor  Wolfgang Muller Wolfgang Muller
Head of the Department of Pediatrics and the mother and child center, specializes in the treatment of childhood infectious diseases, oncology and orthopedic diseases.
Doctor  Ralph Dyurzelen Ralph Dyurzelen
A senior obstetrician-gynecologist, specializes in the treatment of gynecological diseases, as well as advice and assistance in preparing for childbirth.
Doctor  Stefan Sartorius Stefan Sartorius
A A leading specialist in anesthesia, resuscitation and intensive care.
Doctor  Otto Rollmann Otto Rollmann
Head of the Department of Radiology, specializes in the diagnosis and detection of cancer.
About clinic Hospital Maria von den Aposteln

Clinic "Neuwerk Maria von den Aposteln" is a large hospital, which has 9 modern offices. In the hospital are more than 360 of comfortable beds for patients, which allows annually to provide best medical assistance to thousands of people.

In the clinic "Neuwerk Maria von den Aposteln" tere are more than 850 experienced doctors and other staff. Such medical luminaries as Professor Dinko Berkovic, excellent pediatrician Dr. Muller, a great orthopedist Dr. Pfander and many others have practice here. A brilliant team of top professionals every day are diagnosed and expeditiously proceeds to medical or surgical treatment.

Hospital "Neuwerk Maria von den Aposteln" is a well-equipped operating rooms, where apply the latest surgical techniques. Highly sensitive diagnostic equipment allows to make an accurate diagnosis. And the best therapeutic programs and intimate hospital provides effective and fast treatment.

Excellent equipment and best labor specialists do "Neuwerk Maria von den Aposteln" leading German hospital, providing medical services at the highest level.

Clinic reviews
Two months ago, I received a strong blow on the arm and in the emergency room I was diagnosed with a fracture of a beam in a typical place. Drink and vitamins and wore a retainer, but after a month of this treatment, the bone did not grow together. Parents have sounded the alarm because he did not want me at age 23 became disabled. Started to look for me a good doctor, and appealed to the clinic "Neuwerk Maria von den Aposteln" to the best podiatrist Germany - David Pfander. Now I'm here treatment, but the results so far do not know. Clinic I liked, a kind of Notre Dame Cathedral in appearance. And the doctor is very attentive and with humor!
I made in the clinic Neuwerk Maria von den Aposteln" ultrasonic endoscopy with fine-needle aspiration on the recommendation of friends. The doctor I liked, like Nicolas cage, only in age! But the doctor Dinko Berkovic definitely not an actor, and a great expert in their field. All at once there was a trust relationship, though I actually didn't notice the "love doctors." The center with the latest equipment, so no big deal here to improve their health.
In 3 months my She was diagnosed with dysplasia of the left hip. Appointed electrophoresis with aminophylline, gymnastics and massage. Wore the brace as directed by your doctor. But unfortunately the dynamics were observed. I was running to one and then to another doctor, but the treatment itself was not. In despair began to scour the network, learning from doctors like me to be on,online. And so became acquainted with the portal block. They stuck me in the clinic "Neuwerk Maria von den Aposteln" where my daughter is having the treatment the famous Dr. Muller. Thank you
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