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University Hospital Rechts der ISAR is a large medical research complex owned by the medical faculty of the Technical University of the city. Combines 25 clinics and 5 departments, has 1200 beds for in-patients and is one of the largest medical institutions of Bavaria.
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Medical center Rechts der Isar - Germany
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The University hospital Rechts der ISAR operates since 1967. Today it is the largest research and clinical base medical faculty of the Technical University and holds a leading position in the most popular medical areas. Annually for help in the establishment of the 58 treated thousands of patients. In hospitals clinics may be 12 thousand patients.

The staff of employees Rechts der ISAR formed 4000 qualified staff. Among them professors, doctors and candidates of Sciences, doctors of higher category. They use the best medical equipment, allowing to carry out minimally invasive surgery at the highest level.

One of the innovative systems at the medical center Rechts der ISAR

  • x-ray computed tomography and PET-CT for accurate and rapid detection of pathological lesions in the body;
  • innovative devices, aimed at the study of metabolism, etc.

high-Precision apparatuses of surveillance, robotics and computer systems, navigation AIDS doctors blades Rechts der ISAR to perform all complex operations through minimal incisions or tiny punctures that significantly reduces the time needed for rehabilitation.

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