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Memorial Hospital, Leon Wiltse memorial specializing for the treatment of diseases of joints and spine. Here bezoperatsionnye apply the latest methods of treatment, such as kyphoplasty, is foraminotomy, microdiscectomy, and others.
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Memorial Hospital. Wiltse - Germany
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Clinic "Hochtaunus" is the best multidisciplinary medical center in Germany. It works under the leadership of state-owned Hochtaunuskreis and provides medical services at the highest level. Every year the center treated more than 20,000 inpatient and 60,000 outpatients. Bedspace organization can accommodate 500 people.

Doctors "Hochtaunus" successfully combine scientific research with practice, develop new treatments for life-threatening diseases. Doctor organizations use only modern equipment, so diagnosed with the disease at the earliest stages and offer only effective ways to address them.

Clinic "Hochtaunus" is equipped with an innovative MRI, CT, Echo, PET-CT. Operations of local experts prefer the mini-invasive surgery.

Clinic reviews
In my latest tests I was detected HPV infection of high-risk type 18. The doctor assured me that many people live with this diagnosis, they have children and throughout life nothing happens, really need to consult a gynecologist every six months, just in case. Well, I somehow calmed down and not been to the doctor in 4 years. Then I had bleeding which was not associated with the monthly cycle of menstruation. I made an appointment and took me to a screening of the cervix. The diagnosis was confirmed, I had cancer. I'm in shock came to tell my husband the news. He immediately began to look for, where to send me for treatment because our medical system he didn't trust. Him at work, an accountant told how her sister went with a similar disease in a specialist clinic Hochtaunus in Germany. The husband immediately googled and read what they write about the clinic patients. Were certainly not happy people, but mostly it seemed like prices for paying for services and treatment nothing bad was said. Now we have already talked with the doctor on Skype and about to travel to the clinic. Let's hope for the best!
Atrial fibrillation, I was diagnosed with 5 years ago, but the surgery I didn't because I would put a gun disability and I'd lose my job. Before the medical Commission was held in the familiar doctor, which I always wrote in the conclusion of "fit". But now I have accumulated so much heart medication, I drink them 3 times a day at least 10 things. And when I my boss told me how he was treated in a multidisciplinary medical center in Germany (clinic Hochtaunus) and as it is there are successfully operated and managed to save the gallbladder when removing the stones, I immediately asked him for a contact for Check-up diagnosis. Taking a local guide, I flew back after a week. Met me at the airport a friend who works in shifts in Germany. The doctor examined me and did an EKG, and many more all analyses conducted. Needed to do the operation, which was difficult, but thanks to my experienced the doctor, everything went without problems. Now I'm on rehabilitation.
I already had 2 heart attacks, heart was weak and doctors advised to look for a clinic where I would have put epicardial electronic stimulator on the heart. Of course, they said that we do, but not as effectively as abroad. Began to study the market of foreign medicine and read about a similar operation in the clinic Hochtaunus. Said the representatives of the clinic costs and began to collect the necessary sum. Now after half a year I managed to collect everything and I was in the clinic. I have a very bright and equipped chamber, and the nurses often come to make sure, if I am okay. Now that's service! The day of surgery, was appointed a week, as the surgeon very busy. But I'm ready, gain strength and do a lot of walking in the fresh air every day.
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