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St. Francis clinic is an innovative multispecialty medical center. The hospital is designed for 220 beds. Special pride in the medical center is the Department of urology under the guidance of Professor of Beeri, with its own operating block and intensive care. The Department is actively practicing modern methods of transurethral minimally invasive and endoscopic surgery
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St. Francis Hospital - Germany
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St. Francis Hospital — one of the top medical institutions in the Berlin — was founded over a hundred years ago, in 1908. Today is a multidisciplinary innovation center, designed for 220 seats. The clinic is constantly modernizarea and training of all its employees — including sisters of the Franciscan order, which have patients not only medical assistance, but spiritual support.

Doctors hospital St. Francis are experienced and competent professionals — traditionally treatment and examination of patients is only allowed for the best health workers of Germany. Special attention is given to therapy of cardiovascular diseases.

The Pride of the hospital of St. Francis is the urology Department, which is headed by legendary Professor beer — to see him written every year thousands of patients from around the world. It also has its own operating unit and intensive care. Actively using the most modern methods of minimally invasive, transurethral endoscopic surgery. Also the activities of the Berlin hospital St. Francis covers such areas as anesthesiology, focal therapy, disease of the internal organs.

The hospital ward of St. Francis equipped with the most modern equipment for a comfortable stay in the clinic. In addition, on the territory of the centre there is an ancient chapel, on the upper floors housed a pleasure garden.

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