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Orthopaedic center of OZMA specializing on the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Experts of the medical center are experienced experts in the field of orthopedics and traumatology, which provides accurate and high-quality treatment in the most complicated diseases in accordance with modern methodologies and standards.
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The orthopedic center Munich East (OZMO) - Germany
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Best doctors in selected clinic
Doctor  Maynkhard Balensiphen Maynkhard Balensiphen
Head of the Department of replacement.
Doctor  Peter Dil Peter Dil
Head of the Department of minimally invasive surgery of the shoulder and knee.
Doctor  Florian Getsshman Florian Getsshman
Head of the department of conservative orthopedics.
Doctor  Samer Izmail Samer Izmail
Head of the Department of Neurosurgery.
Doctor  Wilfred Zauer Wilfred Zauer
He is co-founder of the Orthopaedic Centre Munich East and specializes in conservative orthopedics.
About clinic The orthopedic center Munich East (OZMO)

Orthopedic center «Munich OST" valid from 2010. Today it is the most modern and well-equipped medical facility in Germany, which provides services interdisciplinary expertise in the field of traumatology, orthopedics and neurosurgery. Since the company IMO works closely with the Munich clinic of children's vertebrology, all procedures are carried out in it at the highest level, using minimally invasive surgery techniques.

To return patients to normal life for a minimum period of time, doctors Orthopaedic center «Munich OST” use the latest diagnostic equipment and innovative treatments. They are engaged in stem cell research, efficiently perform microsurgery.

IN IMO has better equipment, which can be useful in the treatment of orthopedic diseases:

  • modern magnetic resonance tomograph,
  • the
  • 4D-tomography for the study of the spine
  • the
  • digital x-rays etc.

Almost all patients, IMO not require a long hospital stay. Usually the day after surgery they can go home. This confirms the high quality of the clinic services and the effectiveness of minimally invasive procedures.

Clinic reviews
When my weight crossed the mark of 130 kg, I had started health problems. Heart seriously naughty, the pressure was under 200, and shortness of breath just did not give me rest. My nutritionist could no longer with me safely speak, because I was constantly violated its prescriptions. And the joints on his knees began to creak. And one day I couldn't stand, I have stood up, but from the wild pain immediately sat down! I'm not going to describe how I managed to lose but I lost 30 pounds. The heart and the pressure came back to normal, but with legs all the trouble was. Began to look for a specialist in Germany, as he lived there temporarily for work. The Internet has found a lot of information about the orthopedic center Munich East (OZMO) and doctor Peter Diehl. He was a very experienced podiatrist and spent tens of thousands of successful operations. Decided to trust him and he was right! He put me on my feet just a couple of days. Had to operate, but the interference was minimal. Now all is well!
I turned to the doctor, when it was very severe pain in the lower back. When x-rays revealed that it is caused by ossification of two vertebrae of the lumbar spine. After this was treated by two specialists, but their methods only brought temporary relief. On the portal read about Dr. Sauer and Orthopedic center Munich East (OZMO). I request from the operator additional information about the all inclusive package and was surprised at normal prices, because the other med portal for the same services took the top 40 percent. Now draw up the documents for treatment. With the doctor phoned and also talked about many details.
I Express my sincere gratitude to Dr. Gershman for the successful treatment of spondylolisthesis. He was able to install correctly the localization of the slipped vertebra and conducted impeccably the surgery. After surgery, a week later I was able to return home. Now going through rehabilitation in the same center (Orthopedic center Munich East (OZMO)). Unable himself to move, but there is little, as the doctor says that because of the load on the spine.
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