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The proton therapy center Dr. Rinecker (RPTC) is the First and still the only proton therapy center in Europe. Applied technology center - most gentle and effective for today a method of treatment of 75 types of malignant neoplastic disease.
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The proton therapy center Dr. Rinecker (RPTC) - Germany
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About clinic The proton therapy center Dr. Rinecker (RPTC)

proton therapy Center Dr. Rinecker (RPTC) was established in 2009. To date, this facility has no analogues in the world — only here and nowhere else in Europe, is treatment of cancer patients with the innovative technique of proton therapy.

Doctors at the proton therapy center Dr. Rinecker taken for removal of all types of malignant neoplasms, regardless of their location and size. In their work they use the latest devices for radiation therapy and high-precision diagnostic equipment. So, in the Munich clinic has a modern

  • 1,5-chislovye MRI
  • the
  • multidetector spiral CT,
  • the
  • the patient
  • the
  • angiography,
  • the
  • ultrasound.

in the treatment of tumors of the brain, eyes and face in the hospital RPTC uses an innovative system of radiotherapy fixed the robotic table. Is proton therapy center Dr. Rinecker and private laboratories, which can detect tumors at very early stages.

the clinic RPTC patients are well-trained personal trainers. They explain features and purpose of the ongoing medical procedures, monitor patients in medical consultations. 

Clinic reviews
I want to Express my immense gratitude to Dr. Hans Rinecker for his brilliant talent, Golden hands, kindness. He has developed a truly unique method that allows you to remove malignant cells without harm to healthy tissues and organs. It is no secret that many people who are treated for cancer, eventually, die from the effects of the treatment. The clinic felt good, almost like at home (probably due to knowledge of German). Glad I had a chance to recover.
Contact the proton therapy center in Munich, I was advised by the attending physician in Moscow. He said that this method is the future, and that if in this clinic, I will not put on the feet, do not put anywhere. He so confidently said that I started to gather for a trip the next day. Before that I held several sessions of radiation therapy, but almost to no avail. Here relieved the state a month later after the procedure. Everything seems to be doing the same, but the efficiency is two times higher.
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