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The University clinic in Düsseldorf - was founded 1910. Close cooperation with the University hospital medical faculty of the University. Heinrich Heine in Dusseldorf contributes to new scientific discoveries, a better understanding of the disease. The new diagnostic and treatment methods, which after thorough checks have been successfully used in the clinic.
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The University clinic in Düsseldorf - Germany
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About clinic The University clinic in Düsseldorf

The University hospital in düsseldorf was opened in 1910. Today it is the largest multidisciplinary centre of Europe, which unites 33 of the Institute, each working in a separate direction. During the year the organization receives more than 61 000 patients.

At the University clinic in düsseldorf employs more than 5500 professionals. Of these, 800 doctors, 130 professors, 4,500 medical staff. The main directions in which there is a hospital — neurosurgery, urology, Oncology, orthopedics and cardiac surgery.

in Addition to the traditional methods treatment, University hospital of Dusseldorf specializing on implant stem cells, heat and radioimmuno therapy, and gene  engineering. In cancer treatment practiced local effect on the tumor, which is completely harmless to other cells of the patient. 

the University clinic in düsseldorf is equipped with ultra-modern facilities. Only at the Oncology Institute in the year, the centre spends more than 100 million euros. Therefore, to be examined and get treatment in this institution want people from all over the world.

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