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University hospital of Munich, belongs among the best-known transplant centers in Europe: from the retina to transplant hearts, kidneys, lungs and pancreas. Chronic diseases such as coronary heart failure or sciatica are successfully treated in clinic of Munich
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University hospital of Munich - Germany
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The University hospital of Munich is a multi — medical center brings together 28 institutions and various multi-purpose compartments early diagnosis, rehabilitation, inpatient and outpatient treatment. In its branches is carried out transplantation of tissues, organs, retina, comprehensive cancer treatment, dermatological disorders, etc.

The staff of University hospital of Munich is about 9000 professionals. In the year they serve 480 000 patients. The job centre is not only for the treatment of common pathologies, but to eliminate rare diseases. Preference to doctors of the University clinic of Munich giving the organ-preserving surgery, and minimally invasive surgical procedures.

The center uses robotic surgery system ("DaVinci"), are held photodiagnostics, PET, MRI, angiography, CT, sonography. For greater comfort of all patients undergoing inpatient treatment at the University hospital, placed in single and double rooms is available.

Clinic reviews
I have bad breathing nose - rhinitis.In 2014. did my surgery at the University hospital of Louis of Maximilian (Grosshadern), Munich, Germany. Did Professor Berghaus, head of the ENT Department. Promised improvement. The result is ZERO -- my feeling is, evidence of the devices I have. After a few months, wrote to them about it, not very active, but offered to come, but not in the hospital and in the clinic. To the question: an Invitation will be sent? (for visa), followed by SILENCE. Before this trip, the invitation was QUICKLY sent. Later, I wrote to them: well, how about the invantation? and if you don't plan to invite me to treat and cure, then I suggest you give me back my money. The answer again is silent, quiet.My opinion: cheated, spent a lot of money wasted, unhappy with the results of treatment is turned away, silent. Think the Germans might have a different attitude, and the result of treatment by the other, and then use the fact that due to the limits of their harder to get.I wish I could find a device to objectively measure the respiratory function of the nose (this is also encountered difficulties), and use it to document the actual condition of the nose, and ridden them through the courts, so that money back and their reputation is so low, that on a gun shot did not approach such doctors and clinics.
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