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the Statistics relating to the disease leukemia, a very controversial and kognovitsky. American statistics gives us a figure of 25 cases per 100,000 persons.

the Word "leukemia" in recent years it has become intimidating not less than "breast cancer". People have trouble imagining what the disease is, but I know that this diagnosis does not Bode well. It is indeed cancer, and it develops sometimes immediately.

Leukemia called leukemia, malignant tumor of blood. This kind of cancer disease is unusual in that it develops in the bone marrow, which produces blood cells. In the medullar substance are accumulated immature blood cells, then they are found in many vessels and organs. Treatment - chemotherapy, bone marrow transplantation.

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Heidelberg University hospital specialised on treatment leukemia
One of the oldest medical institutions in Germany. specializing for the treatment of cancer and cardiovascular diseases, as well as a leader in the field of neuroscience, transplantation, genetics, and treatment of infectious diseases.
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Urash university clinic specialised on treatment leukemia
University hospital URSA Bydgoszcz - multi-state medical institution of Poland. The clinic provides comprehensive servants for the treatment of children on a global level.
Main branches:
Oncology , Surgery , Pediatrics
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The University children's hospital specialised on treatment leukemia
In the clinic provide medical care to children that meet the best world standards. The center is among the leading country in the field of cancer treatment.
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Clinic Luisenhospital specialised on treatment leukemia
Luisenhospital is one of the most modern clinical complexes in Europe. There are medical specialists providing services in various fields of medicine, conducted thousands of operations, including the rare techniques and technologies.
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The clinic is certified by:ISO - leading certification platform of medical facilities involved in medical tourism and tourism medicine
University clinic Halle (Saale) specialised on treatment leukemia
University hospital Saale is an art medical facility with a maximum range of diagnostic and therapeutic services. Patients from all over the world are turn to the clinic for skilled care.
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Immediately after the childbirth of my child was completely healthy, at least so the doctors said. However, it is very bad eating and came to the ground, then began to get sick, always have some infection, which is also poorly developed. We decided to explore son abroad, began to choose hospital. Stopped at Poland – and still closer and cheaper, the reviews are very good. About Medicover clinic I told the pediatrician, and then I began to look for information on the Internet. Before we go for treatment, I consulted with a doctor from the clinic Medicover, she gave me advice on examination. Some of the assignments I did in Russia, after all it's cheaper, but most surveys were carried out already in Warsaw. It seemed to me that I should, because and laboratory tests, and other methods may have different rules in different countries. As a result of the child revealed a rare disease-congenital immunodeficiency who require permanent replacement therapy. As soon as he started to get it turned into an ordinary child and soon caught up with their peers in height and weight.
Remember how it all began, I hate still. Weakness, malaise, fatigue, the doctor suspected corny low hemoglobin, was sent for a blood test and suddenly it found tumor cells. Rechecked, did a bone marrow puncture — the diagnosis was confirmed, a cancer of the blood, leukemia. Of course, I admit that in Russia I would be cured, I suppose, that luck would be with drugs (cancer patients, they are often not enough or is effective is administered useless and expensive replacement). However, I immediately decided: going to be treated in Israel, at least partially, but there. With a choice of clinic, the question was not — I come from several sources received confirmation that the Medical center named after Yitzhak Rabin — the best cancer treatment in the country. There clinical some  University, and the latest techniques, and treatment outcomes (survival, absence of metastases) are much better than in many other clinics. The treatment was long. I was lucky that he was the right person to stay, but in principle next to the clinic there are special apartments for patients and their relatives. In General, without going into details, of course, it was hard, both physically and mentally. But the attitude of the staff, the atmosphere made the treatment as comfortable as possible, for which I am very grateful to the doctors and nurses.  
In the clinic. Chaim Sheba we treated the grandson from leukemia. I chose this hospital, as the results for the treatment of leukemia in children is one of the best. I liked that everything is clear and worked out, I think the chemo is important. We have now finished a course of intensive therapy, take pills, do shots once a week already in Russia. I really hope that everything will be fine.
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