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Women's clinic Miz Copper is considered to be one of the best hospitals specializing in gynaecology and obstetrics and children's diseases.
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Women's clinic Miz Copper - South Korea
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About clinic Women's clinic Miz Copper

the Women's clinic "Miz Copper" started its work over 20 years ago — in 1991. This is a specialized medical center in obstetrics and gynecology working in the city of Seoul. Every year there are treated 10 000 stationary and 400,000 outpatients, among whom — not only adults but also children. 

the Doctors clinic women's "Miz Copper" spend annually up to 20,000 transactions, take on a light of about 5,000 newborns. All the doctors are highly skilled professionals, focused on the interests of women and children.

Equipment used by doctors "Miz Copper", in line with international standards, allows to put the correct diagnosis even in the absence of symptoms. Here care for premature infants, create optimal conditions for rehabilitation of patients who have undergone therapy.

the Women's clinic "Miz Copper" has a huge number of prizes and awards. It is possible to quickly cure the most serious diseases, and to experience the joy of motherhood, even if it was a pipe dream.

Clinic reviews
At 28 weeks, I started aging of the placenta. It was horrible, when I imagine my tiny baby will be born premature! It was necessary to take urgent measures. Just called a friend, she's married to a Korean and said that I would be able to help me, as they have in Seoul has a great women's clinic Miz Copper, which uses the new equipment to care for newborns. Could we come only in 5 days because there were no tickets, just had the holidays. Ordered English-speaking curator and with his help she was able to talk to the doctor. He assured us that everything will be fine! Was already 29 weeks and exactly 30 I did a C-section. Now I have a wonderful boy, he is already a month it was! Thank you to our doctor and clinic Miz Copper!
My wife during pregnancy in 5 weeks and I found a small fibroid, but said will see, maybe she will not grow and then after delivery you can remove it. But in the period of 3 months, needed emergency surgery! Could lose the baby, and Light. I was on a business trip in Seoul. Here I found a good women's clinic Miz Copper. Bought tickets on the next flight and the wife with the mother-in-law came to me in Korea. Through an interpreter we spoke with the doctor, he looked at the ultrasound of the tumor and said that in two days will operate. While I placed my wife, I drew attention to the hospital itself, it was cozy and bright house and in the hospital did not smell "hospital". Now we are fine, the pregnancy was saved. Wife okay.
Was on holiday in Seoul and our vacation would have been fine if my girlfriend was not much of a stomach ache! I didn't know what to do, where to call and where to go, because we were abroad! I remembered about the insurance and called the listed phone. The ambulance took Lena and brought a women's health clinic Miz Copper. There she was examined and found out by ultrasound she has a cyst on the ovary. The doctor operated on her for 2 hours and I was waiting in the corridor. The doctor I liked, even though he was a little and kept smiling at me when talking, but it was evident in the eyes that he is a good specialist. We are already in Russia and everything is fine! Thank God that everything worked out!
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