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A network of multidisciplinary clinics IMED is a famous modern multidisciplinary institution. In the clinic more than 30 departments equipped with modern equipment, where you can undergo CHECK-UP tests, 4D ultrasound, undergo the procedure of IVF.
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Clinic IMED - iMed Clinica - Spain
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“Imed” — a network of 5 private clinics of international level, located in Benidorm, Teulada, Elche, Valencia and Murcia.

diversified branches IMED Hospitales have provided assistance in more than 30 medical specialties, including Oncology, transplantation, Pediatrics, prosthodontics, psychiatry and dentistry. Also, when the clinics opened their own centres for assisted reproductive medicine where you can apply for IVF, pregnancy and childbirth support. In case of no result after 4 treatments of in vitro fertilization all costs kompensiruet program Bonofiv.

For the evaluation of patients used all of the latest and advanced laboratory and functional diagnostic methods. Also upon admission to the clinic “Imed” proposed survey format, Check-Up, involving the examination and consultation about doctors of basic specialties, General blood test, mammography or x-rays.

IMED Clinica is equipped with its own information base, through which any physician has a round-the-clock access to all analyses and data on the progress of the treatment in electronic form.

Clinic reviews
I want to thank the wonderful doctor who put me on my feet after a serious injury. Final recovery now – it is 7-8 months. But I think I can do it before, because I'm just obsessed with the desire to re-start training. Yes, I'd like to say – Spain is beautiful!
In Imed clinic in Alicante, I removed the meningioma of the parietal region of the head. I was there from 25 August to 4 September. Everything went without complications. After surgery the doctor made daily inspection, check the status of the joint. Gratitude for the professionalism and attention. Everything is fine, before leaving even managed to swim in the Mediterranean sea.
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