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The Institute Marques in Barcelona is known not only in Spain but also far beyond its borders. The clinic has made great strides in the fight against infertility and in the diagnosis and treatment of women's diseases.
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Clinic ServiDigest is located in Barcelona and more than 40 years providing assistance in the treatment of diseases in gastroenterology, Hepatology, endocrinology and Oncology of the digestive tract. The diagnostic base of medical-surgical center allows any laboratory and instrumental examinations, including CT, MRI and laparoscopy. Among the innovative technologies — transient elastography for determining the condition of the liver and colon hydrotherapy for cleansing the bowel.

one of the most popular services of this medical center include the treatment of obesity in cases when traditional methods fail. Over the weight gain, normalization of metabolic processes and health specialists work for multiple profiles — endocrinologists, nutritionists, psychologists, experts, physiotherapists, beauticians.

Doctors SurviDigest have the highest qualifications, almost all participate in international professional conferences and engaged in scientific activity. They adhere to standards of ethics and humanity, making the treatment not only effective, but also more comfortable for patients from all countries. 

Clinic reviews
Who has experienced it will understand me and who is not - it is unlikely. What is a barren marriage, I only found out when she lived in this 5 years. It was not in me and the husband. The percentage of motility of spermatozoa he had less than 1 and morphology on the zero. I thought we can't handle it and get divorced, unable to withstand stress. But when I once again "old snout" on the Internet about the treatment, we stumbled on the portal where I read about the Institute Marques in Barcelona. Though he was not the only thing I read, but it interested me good statistics successful EKO. Asking question online to the operator of the portal, I found out for myself the question of cost of treatment and the nuances of it. Now I'm here and I made the first infusion of the embryo. I don't know yet the result, but the doctor I got was very good! And reviews about it I have to read too many grateful patients.
I never thought where I will give childbirth, it seemed so natural to have a baby and take it too without all the hassle, for me it was self-evident. But after giving childbirth to Theodore, I totally changed my mind about everything. The pregnancy was difficult, with early morning sickness and General weakness, plus I was still working almost up to 9 months, certainly not officially, just a head of me so demanding turned. I gave childbirth in a private hospital, but the staff were worse than ever! I was yelled at, and far cry was a midwife when I had almost full disclosure. Anyway, when I got pregnant with Alice, my husband decided to give childbirth in a normal place. Just on one "mascom" forum read about the Institute Marques in Barcelona and through the organizers of treatment went to 38 week in Spain. I was just smart hospital, and the house resembled a 5-star hotel! Gave childbirth with an epidural and gave childbirth 6 hours without breaks. Thanks for the service!
I am a doctor myself and when my wife got pregnant, I was determined to find her a good specialist, knowing firsthand what today's a large percentage of medical errors in Russian hospitals. After talking with many doctors, they advised me to pay attention to one's oldest hospital, founded in 1923, the Institute Marques in Barcelona. There, they say, employs the most advanced specialists, and if something goes wrong, immediately will help, because at this Institute, several departments of gynecology, andrology, assisted reproduction, obstetrics. And each Department as a separate hospital. Immediately took the wife to Barcelona for the whole period of pregnancy, the benefit could afford it. Now she successfully gave childbirth to my son Roma and we are the happiest parents in the world!
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