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Clinic Elisha is one of the best private clinics of Israel founded in 1935, provides services for all medical specialties at the highest level. Located in the city of Haifa, the third largest city in Israel located on the Mediterranean sea.
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Medical center "Elisha" is the largest private hospital in the North of Israel, which has its own international Department. The main directions of its work — cardiology, Oncology, neurology, orthopedics, surgery, and Pediatrics.

In the clinic "Elisha" work only professors, doctors of Sciences and doctors of higher category. In addition to a large staff, comprised of more than 350 professionals, the outpatient Department has about 200 professors. Many of them are founders of the innovative medicine initiative the authors of unique methods.

Operating rooms of the clinic "Elisha" supercharged, so all operations on them are successful. After treatment patients are asked to undergo a complex rehabilitation: the chamber in the medical facility equipped to world standards, that patients were comfortable during the entire hospitalization period.

For the Russian-speaking patients in the hospital "Elisha" documents on the diagnosis and treatment are provided in Russian language.

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