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Northwest clinic is a modern multidisciplinary clinic at the academic hospital at Frankfurt University Goethe. Northwest hospital has 10 specialized medical clinics and 3 scientifically oriented Institute, offering medical services and care at the highest level. The clinic of Oncology and Hematology has Intersectoral tumor center, Clinic of neurology of the hospital is one of the largest institutions of this kind in Germany, including a dedicated stroke unit with branches in several cities in Germany.
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Clinic Northwest - Germany
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Best doctors in selected clinic
Doctor  Zigbert Rossol Zigbert Rossol
Chief Physician Medical Clinic Nordwest, head of the Department of Internal Medicine, specializing mainly in the field of gastroenterology, hepatology, cardiology, intensive care medicine, Pneumology treatment of sleep disorders
Doctor  Christoph Rangger Christoph Rangger
Dr. Christoph Rangger - has planned and emergency surgery for injuries of the back. The head of department of plastic surgery.
Doctor  Mikhael van Kampen Mikhael van Kampen
Michael van Campen uses modern technology to treat tumors that allow irradiate tumors without harming healthy tissue. The head of department of radiation oncology.
Doctor  Uta Meyding-Lamade Uta Meyding-Lamade
Uta-Meyding Lamade engaged in treatment of inflammatory and infectious diseases of the nervous system and muscles. The head of the neurological department.
Doctor  Yuta Syuzann Albert Yuta Syuzann Albert
Uta Suzanne Albert - a great specialist in the field of women's health. The professor is engaged in treatment of infertility, congenital and acquired gynecological ailments, conducts reconstructive surgery.
About clinic Clinic Northwest

Northwest Hospital is a multidisciplinary medical center of the highest category, clinical academic hospital of the University. Goethe, located in Frankfurt. The organization includes 10 specialized departments and 3 scientific Institute. Also, Northwest is included in the Surgical Association of minimally invasive surgery (CAMIC).

Doctors of the center for Nordvest — individual approach: they have developed for their patients solutions that explain in details the consultations and to accurately implement during a therapeutic/surgical events.

Northwest Hospital equipped with modern therapeutic and diagnostic equipment. Here successfully carried out treatment of cancer, multiple sclerosis, in the shortest time carried out endoscopic ultrasonography, manometry, surgical endoscopy.

Since the doctors Nordvest use advanced methods of minimally invasive surgery, their patients heal quickly and successfully avoid postoperative complications.

In 2014, according to the magazine Focus in the list of best doctors was included leading specialists of the clinic Northwest:

  • Director of the clinic for General, visceral and minimally invasive surgery Professor, M. D. Thomas Kraus
  • Director of the clinic of vascular and thoracic surgery, Professor, MD Max Zegelman
  • Director of the clinic of Hematology and Oncology Professor Elke jäger
  • Director of the clinic of urology and pediatric urology, Professor, MD, honored doctor Edward W. Becht
  • Director of the clinic of obstetrics and gynecology, Professor, MD Eberhard Merz

In 2011, the clinic NordWest included in the register of accredited centres of the European society for medical Oncology (ESMO)

ESMO carries out the certification of Oncology centers around the world, meeting the highest standards for a comprehensive approach to cancer treatment and follow-up care of cancer patients. This award recognizes only 22 medical institutions worldwide.

Clinic reviews
This incident happened to my close friend. He started having knee pain, and later developed disturbances in the movement, and as a result he almost didn't lost the ability to move! As a result of the survey it turned out that he already needs knee replacement. As his relatives the people that all issues are treated with special anxiety, they decided to look for a clinic that would be really good. They learned about the many clinics, but was able to impress them with his fame only clinic Northwest. And they were right! The clinic employs doctors of the highest category,the true experts in their field. We would like to highlight Christophe Ranger, that he performed the surgery. Now with a friend all right, he's glad he can walk again!
My grandmother has breast cancer. Because of the age and the transferred earlier operations, we as a family decided not to risk it and drive grandma to Germany (I chose this country because I speak German). Got to the clinic Nordvest without any problem. We have consulted. Was held a successful operation, the very "beautiful" seam. Further - radiotherapy. After 6 months we were already home. Now, of course, grandma see in the hometown. While it is safe to say that the cancer is in remission.
When someone is diagnosed with breast cancer, do not even think that it could happen to you. And even when you are diagnosed, I think, but probably the doctor was mistaken, you need to go to another, and the new doctor will say that you've been well! But in my case not such a miracle happened...Losing a lot of time on ineffective treatment in various clinics, I came to the clinic with advanced cases of Nordvest. Professor Elke jäger, who heads the Department of Hematology and Oncology, had to put a lot of effort to help me in my difficult situation. Now I have a period of remission. I am under the supervision of, and with such a good doctor as Yeager, I believe in a positive outcome!
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