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General information

Proctology is engaged in diagnostics and treatment of diseases of a rectum and anus, and also pararectal area. The most widespread proktologichesky diagnosis are hemorrhoids which can cause the owner a set of troubles.

Main diseases

Highly effective techniques of treatment of hemorrhoids and other diseases from area of a proctology are abroad developed.

Features of medical treatment abroad

Considering that symptoms of a lock can mask very serious diseases, for example, rectum cancer, very important role is played by high-quality diagnostics. In clinics abroad it is carried out by means of the modern equipment by experts of high level.

In a proctology surgical methods of treatment are often used, abroad they are carried out with the minimum travmatization of fabrics. The laser or cryodestruction are used to removal of polyps, condylomas, many interventions are carried out endoscopic. Such approach allows the patient easier to transfer treatment and leaves a minimum of hems on skin. The foreign proctology is known for delicate relation, thanks to it it is so popular.

You can call to +74954812786​ or The medical consultant will tell about all aspects of treatment in Russia .
После перенесенного тяжелого артрита тазобедренного сустава он так полностью и не восстановился. Меня беспокоили боли, было сложно приседать, подниматься по лестнице, поэтому я решила пройти обследование и как-то разобраться с этой проблемой. Сама я...
Татьяна К., 45 years
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Clinical hospital №85 of FMBA of Russia
Clinical hospital №85 of FMBA of Russia is a modern medical institution providing patient services such as: diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, and preventive medicine.
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+74954812786​ (free)
English speaking staff
Reliable alternative!
Center of Endosurgery and Lithotripsy
Center of Endosurgery and Lithotripsy is a multidisciplinary medical facility providing patients the following services: treatment of dental diseases, radiology, intensive care, anesthesiology, radiology, cardiovascular surgery, obesity surgery and ...
Contact clinic
+74954812786​ (free)
English speaking staff
Federal"Clinical hospital" of administrative Department of the President of the Russian Federation
Modern multidisciplinary clinic providing a full range of diagnostic and treatment services.
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+74954812786​ (free)
English speaking staff
American medical center "Intermedcentr"
Multidisciplinary clinic, which specializes in the treatment of acute and chronic diseases standards for family medicine USA with use of achievements of domestic medicine and the latest Western technology.
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+74954812786​ (free)
English speaking staff
Russian scientific center of roentgenology and radiology (RNTSRR)
Russian scientific center of roentgenology and radiology (RNTSRR) deals with the diagnosis and treatment of oncological diseases at an early stage by using molecular genetic, laboratory, radiological and cytogenetic studies.
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+74954812786​ (free)
English speaking staff
Live in Istanbul already for the 3rd year, married here, for a local resident. Here just recently we were lucky to be surveyed in Neolife medical center Istanbul mother of the husband. She recently was a strong constipation. And here the ultrasound showed that she had multiple tumors in the rectum. Was treated by her doctor Abacioglu. The worst is now behind you!
Who do not fall into my extremely delicate situation, I hardly understand! The fact that I found the tumor in the rectum. Cancer runs in the family Dad at the time 5 years has been struggling with skin cancer, underwent multiple surgeries, we did not even believe in a positive outcome! But all glory to God, the cost. And now I have this problem. When we treated dad, we already went to the clinic Yanhee, and then knowing that there are highly qualified specialists, decided to go back again. First we spoke with our doctor by Skype. He carefully advised us. Then we came, in fact, the treatment at the clinic. The doctor confirmed the presence of a tumor, took the necessary tests in order to understand what kind of this neoplasm. The analysis showed that the tumor was benign. But it still had to be removed because there is a small percentage of its transformation into malignant. It was an operation in which used the Da Vinci robot. I had the lump removed and then I watched for two months. Now all is well!
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Doctor  Zhiltsov Dmitry Gennadyevich Zhiltsov Dmitry Gennadyevich

Specialist in the treatment of pathologies of the colon and rectum. it provides emergency surgical care.

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